Bring your imagination to the table


Well, I thought 20 tips about living with heirlooms and antiques would suffice, but I’ve got so many more ideas! My readers are telling me they want more, too, so here we go with another 20 ideas about beautiful and unusual ways to use the things you love.


Tip 21: Bring your imagination to the table




Now is the time for graduation parties and wedding celebrations. Why choose predictable rental selections of gold-rimmed china and mass-produced stemware when there is so much more to use? A visit to the headquarters of Loot Vintage Rentals in Austin, Texas’s largest vintage rental company, taught me so much about how to create interesting and charming tables and party set-ups. Loot’s co-owners Rhoda Brimberry and Anna Crelia are experts at collecting vintage tableware, furniture, and just about anything else old and odd that can be put to use for unusual and engaging settings for entertaining.





On this rustic pine table, they combined vintage china in a variety of floral patterns, accompanying it with mix-and-match pressed glass stemware, unbleached linen napkins, and a runner made of hand-gathered muslin. An old box and simple brass urn hold romantic arrangements of unexpected flowers, designed by Rosehip Flora also in Austin.





Lighter than air cream puffs and lemon chiffon pie float atop a late-nineteenth century industrial trolley.  A gilded Italian occasional table and a pressed-glass cake pedestal perched on top of a salvaged column capital add elegance and textural variety to the delightfully unexpected desserts table.





At Loot Vintage Rentals, no vintage object is safe from repurposing, even an enameled baby bath, which is just the right size to serve as a champagne, beer, or water cooler.


Clearly Rhoda and Anna are experts in the art of reclaiming, recycling, and repurposing old things. One man’s (or woman’s) trash is another’s treasure. Keep that in mind when designing decorations for events you want others to treasure in their memories forever.




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