If the dish fits…



Tip 22 part 1:  If the dish fits….



If the candy dish fits…or any other infrequently trotted out piece of silver, cut glass, porcelain, or whatever….USE it.



I moved into my Charleston house in December, so discovering what flowers bloom in the garden each season is an unfolding delight. The parade of flowers has also given me the pleasure of using many of the things I recently inherited in unexpected ways. Among these is a plethora of footed hollowware candy dishes, which I worried might languish in my silver cabinet. These were popular with the Southern bridge-playing set for serving fudge, pralines, fondant, or candied pecans, but I don’t play bridge and I don’t eat candy. Generally I use them for nuts, but when a miniature magnolia tree began producing lovely flowers about six inches across, I discovered that the footed bowls are just the right size to display these fragrant, ivory blooms. I love the way they hold the flowers slightly up in the air, the better to release their delicious lemony scent throughout the room.

This tip was inspired my recent book, Past Present: Living with Heirlooms and Antiques. For more ideas about living with the things you love, take a look at the book.


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