If the dish fits…part 2



Tip 22, part 2:  If the dish fits…USE it



This late 19th-century Aesthetic Movement tea service is one of my favorite possessions, partly because it belonged to my beloved grandmother, who had eccentric taste, and partly because I share her taste. I try to keep it in sight all the time, even if that means polishing it often…or letting it turn pewter-gray. When a bed of hydrangeas running the breadth of my house began to overflow with blue blossoms, I filled every vase I could find. Then I spied the tea service, freshly polished and sitting atop an Indian embroidered shawl of a style also favored in Victorian England. Out came the clippers, in came more hydrangeas, landing in the tea pot, sugar bowl, and cream pitcher, and the result was just as over the top and marvelous as anything my grandmother might have devised. Thank you Roberta Morris Ryan—gone but definitely not forgotten.

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